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Ural Kalaber Expedition

Official Release! 


Kalaber Creations, is proud to present the official release of our "Ural Kalaber Expedition"Conversion Kit. This kit consists on adding our core off-road accessories to your bike in order to safetly reach more places.  Our kit will protect your bike from accidents that can damage the body, driveshaft, oil pan and more. 

What makes an Ural Gear up a "Kalaber Edition"? Simple, any Ural Motorcycle can be loaded with our accessories and become a Kalaber Edition. Mark wanted to build robust, reliable and an almost universal line of accessories that will fit any Ural and staying within his signature reputation guidelines. If you are familiar with the different Ural models and years, you will know that they are not always consistent in their builds. The frame thickness for example varies from model to model, the side car step bolts are also different (some models have 3 and some have 4).

With all of that in mind, Mark delivers 4 after market accessories that protects your Ural when going on a trail and gives you the freedom to move forward and reach more distant locations.

The conversion kit consists of 3 crucial accessories:

  1. The Winch Mount Bar

  2. The Sidecar Skid Plate

  3. The Engine Skid Plate (comp. with deep oil pan)

  4. The Step for the Sidecar 

Winch Mount Bar

With the Ural 2017, Kalaber Creations will soon release the 4th generation winch mount bar. Once again the frame has changed and so will the new bars. This was Mark's first accessory available to the public, and it was released during the Overland Expo West in 2012. This was the first year the Urals made it to the expo and it was thanks to Kalaber Creations, Inc.

What makes this bar a must have? The ability to easily remove the winch from the front of the bar and place it on the back makes this mount bar unique and priceless when off-roading. You can rescue your self or save somebody else. The mount bar sits on the side car frame between the bike and the side car. This is the ideal location for it as it will pull the bike evenly, allowing you to have full control of the bike's direction. The height of the winch bar is simply perfect, not too low to drag the line, and not too high keeping the bike in balance. The mount bar is also compatible with a 1 1/4 hitch receiver if you have the need to pull a small utility or camping trailer and also can hold a bike rack. The recommended winch for this application is the Warn Provantage 2500-S.

Skid Plate

If you have a winch mount already, you know by now you should have a skid plate. Mark developed a light weight, yet strong all-aluminum skid plate that won't have a huge impact on gas mileage. Once again, Mark delivers a skid plate compatible with any Ural motorcycle.  

This skid plate is also compatible with a deep oil pan and comes with a removable panel to change the oil filter, all of these without having to remove the entire skid plate. The skid plate also protects the exhaust that can otherwise be easily damaged. The money, frustration, and headaches this skid plate can save you from make it worth the price.

Skid Plate

If you have a skid plate for the motor, then you have to have a skid plate for the side car. If you bend, damage or worse yet, break the drive shaft that will be the end of your adventure and an expensive lesson. So, why not prevent it with Kalaber Creations skid plate for the side car? Besides, it looks great when flying the bike!

With this skid plate you will be also protecting the brake bar in models prior to hydraulic brakes. The bottom of the side car is well protected by this skid plate. It is also made out of aluminum, this skid plate adds only 15 lbs to your bike.



This accessory is not required for off-roading. However, Mark wanted to continue with the same line and needed a solution for the factory step not being consistent across the models.  The step for the side car is longer than the factory one, filling the little gap the original has. It is also lighter as it's made of aluminum but most importantly, it provides better traction and grip when stepping on it. The mud, black ice oil spills and such won't be an issue anymore when getting in and out of the side car.. 

There you have it, if you own an Ural and want to make it a Kalaber Edition you can and it's very easy. It won't cost much, and the installation process for all of our accessories are very quick and doesn't required many modifications. Kalaber Creations' accessories will give you even more freedom to reach remote parts with an off road kit made by Mark Tetreau in Prescott, AZ. Load your bike with only the best of the best, turn your Ural into a Ural Gear Up Kalaber Edition today and #GOPREPARED with a Warn Winch!

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