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Kalaber Expeditiion Conversion Kit

Official Release!

Kalaber Creations, is proud to present the official release of our "Ural Kalaber Expedition"Conversion Kit. This kit consist on adding our core off-road accessories to your bike in order to safetly reach more places. Our kit will protect your bike from accidents that can damage the body, driveshaft, oil pan and more.

The conversion kit consists of 3 crucial accessories:

  1. The Winch Mount Bar (Multi-function mount, not only for the winch)
  2. The Sidecar Skid Plate
  3. The Engine Skid Plate (compatible with deep oil pan)
  4. Sidecar Step

Engine Skid Plate & Sidecar Skid Plate

Winch Mount Bar (Multi-function bar)

Sidecar Step

Please enjoy this series of videos we put together for you to see our accessories being tested. Fill the form below to request a quote for our conversion kit.

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