Our winch mount bar is an amazing tool that might look simple; however, it is a robust yet versatile piece of engineering.  The winch mount bar it's attached to the main frame of your Ural, between the side car and the bike.  This location makes possible to evenly pull itself or another bike you need to rescue while protecting the side car body.  Our mount bar is designed to receive the winch plate at the front or the back of it with a strong, secure but quick release safety pin. This allows you to pull your bike from the back in situations that the nose of it is down in the mud and the easiest way out is to back up.  In addition, our mount bar is also compatible with a 1 1/4 hitch receiver in case you have to pull a small utility trailer or install a bike rack.

Our mount bar was recently featured in the Ural Motorcycle's website during the release of the 2017 Ural Sahara Gear Up.

Winch Mount in Action
Warn ProVantage 2500-S winch pulling our Ural Kalaber Expedition.
Winch on the back
Warn ProVantage 2500-S on the back of the winch mount bar
Winch on the front
Warn ProVantage 2500-S
Bike Rack
Winch mount with a bike rack attatched
Hitch receiver
1 1/4 hitch receiver attached to the winch mount bar
Cargo basket
Cargo basket attached to the winch mount bar.
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  • Price + S&H

  • Made in USA by Kalaber Creations, Inc

  • Made of 120 Wall Steel

  • 1 1/4 hitch receiver compatible

  • Cargo basket compatible

  • Bike rack compatible

Installation video

Bike Rack

Winch mount with a bike rack attatched